Resource Sustainability Act 

The Resource Sustainability Act (“RSA”) partially came into force on 1 January 2020 and the remaining sections of the RSA will come into force in stages. The RSA is intended to further Singapore’s strategy to increase its sustainability, resource efficiency and climate resilience as a nation. In this update, we provide a summary of the requirements of the RSA and additional responsibilities to be undertaken by various parties going forward in order to better manage food waste, packaging waste and electronic waste.

JULY 2021

The Test for Insolvency – When is a company unable to pay its debts?

Directors are often required to make solvency statements. The Singapore Court of Appeal recently clarified the applicable test for when a company is “unable to pay its debts”. This has implications on the making of solvency statements as doing so without having reasonable grounds is an offence under the Companies Act. Our update elaborates on the test and its significance.

JUNE 2021

NOM Clause: Rescission, Estoppel and Legal Effect

Our clients’ prevailed at the trial and on appeal to establish an oral rescission of a written agreement. In the process, interesting observations on the legal effect of a no oral modification clause (“NOM Clause”) were made by our appellate court of five judges. We distil this for you and include our take as well.

MAY 2021

ACRA Seeks Feedback on Proposed Amendments to Companies Act 

The Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (“ACRA”) is conducting a public consultation from 20 July 2020 to 17 August 2020 to seek feedback on proposed amendments to the Companies Act. The proposed amendments are aimed primarily at ensuring that Singapore’s corporate regulatory regime stays competitive.

JULY 2020

Amendments to the COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) Act 2020

As of 20 June 2020, the majority of the provisions in the Amendment Act have come into force. In this update, we provide a summary of the various components of the rental relief framework for SMEs which may be applicable to you as either a Landlord or an SME tenant.

JUNE 2020

SPA Considerations – In the New Normal

Given the fluidity and unpredictability of the Covid-19 pandemic, parties will have to constantly re-examine their approach to every SPA and M&A transaction. This commentary seeks to identify some issues that are likely to be re-looked and reconsidered, in what may be a new normal for SPAs that are negotiated in the Covid-19 era.

JUNE 2020

Care Arrangements for Children

Our enhanced skills as mediators [IMI and SIMI Certified, Family Panel Singapore Mediation Centre], court-appointed child representative and parenting coordinator enable us to focus on the best interests of children. This Q&A provides brief answers to some common questions on care arrangements for children.

MAY 2020

My marriage is at an end – How do I dissolve it in Singapore?

With various dispute resolution capabilities in mediation, collaborative family practice and court craft, we specialise in working with our clients through difficult times. This Q&A provides brief answers to some common questions on divorce.

MAY 2020

Preparing Your Will

In this Q&A, we hope to provide you with brief answers to some common questions that you may have on this topic. This is particularly in light of the risks to health and well-being that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about, which has caused many to take stock of their succession planning and how they intend to distribute their assets after they pass on.

MAY 2020

COVID-19 Relief and Support for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

The COVID-19 pandemic has adversely impacted local business and SMEs. The Singapore Government has unveiled various initiatives and measures and this update seeks to summarise the key initiatives and measures currently in place to support SMEs.

APRIL 2020

COVID-19 Workplace Measures

On 7 April 2020, Parliament passed the COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) Act 2020 (the “Act”). This client update is a follow-on of our previous client update with additional information in relation to when the provisions in the Act came into force and on the procedural regulations that in relation to the relief measures relating to the inability to perform a contract.

APRIL 2020

COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) Act 2020

On 21 April 2020, it was announced that the Circuit Breaker period will extend to 1 June 2020 (inclusive) (the “Circuit Breaker Extended Period”). The Ministry of Trade and Industry (“MTI”) issued a press release statement on the tightened measures targeting two main areas during the Circuit Breaker Extended Period.

APRIL 2020