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Our Practice
Our Practice
Intellectual Property

With an established practice and a strong network of associates around the world, we offer our clients a comprehensive suite of services on a variety of matters relating to intellectual property (IP), both locally and globally.

We assist, advise and act for a number of corporations around the world including sporting and lifestyle organisations. Our work spans registration and management of patents, trademark portfolios, domain name portfolios, registered designs, copyright matters and also licence and franchise agreements. By extension, our services also include providing advice on branding strategies, the conduct of due diligence as well as the management and resolution of disputes. We are also very well versed in the areas of confidential information, trade secrets and enforcement and infringement claims.

Our work requires close collaboration with organisations such as the World Intellectual Property Office in Geneva, to ensure that the integrity of our clients’ IP is maintained.

If you wish to seek our advice or know more about the support we offer, please call us at (65) 6622 0366 or contact: