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Sunil Sudheesan         苏尼尔

Director, Head Criminal Department
Advocate & Solicitor Singapore

LL.B (Hons), National University of Singapore

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Sunil Sudheesan         苏尼尔





Criminal lawyer Sunil Sudheesan is the Head of the firm's Criminal Department. He graduated in 2004 with an Honours degree in Law from the National University of Singapore. Sunil was called to the Singapore Bar on 28 May 2005 and has cultivated deep experience in criminal law ever since.

Sunil handles the entire gamut of criminal law cases including capital cases (murder and serious drug offences), all forms of cases involving hurt (culpable homicide, voluntarily causing hurt and hurt by rash or negligent acts), corporate crime, cheating offences, corruption offences, sexual offences, immigration offences, traffic offences and offences under the Remote Gaming Act.

Sunil has had the privilege of being mentored by the storied Subhas Anandan for more than 10 years since 2004. Consequently, Sunil has been involved in close to 1,000 criminal cases since starting practice. Some notable ones include:

Eu Lim Hoklai v Public Prosecutor [2011] SGCA 16: Secured acquittal in a murder case on appeal to the Court of Appeal. Established defence of grave and sudden provocation and sudden fight. The client was eventually sentenced to 10 years’ imprisonment;
Public Prosecutor v Azman bin Mohamed Sanwan and others [2010] SGHC 196: Appeared as lead counsel for the accused in a capital drug trafficking case in the High Court;
Public Prosecutor v Zhou Xiuqing [2010] SGDC 429: Appeared for accused person in a corruption charge for trying to get her husband to assume criminal liability for a massage parlour;
Whang Sung Lin v Public Prosecutor [2010] 2 SLR 958: Secured reduction of sentence for accused person in the kidney trading line of cases;
Tan Chor Jin v Public Prosecutor [2008] 4 SLR(R) 306: Assisted in the appeal of the infamous One-eyed Dragon; and
Leong Siew Chor v Public Prosecutor [2006] SGCA 38: Assisted in the trial and appeal of the Kallang Body Parts case.
Public Prosecutor v Christeen d/o Jayamany and Another [2015] SGHC 126: Appeared as lead counsel (with Assisting Counsel criminal lawyer Diana Ngiam) in a capital drug trafficking case where the accused did not receive the death penalty as a result of her substantial cooperation and the fact that she was just a courier.
Public Prosecutor v Kong Peng Yee [2018] SGCA 81: Appeared as lead counsel (with Assisting Counsel criminal lawyer Diana Ngiam) in the High Court and the Court of Appeal. The Accused person was eventually sentenced to 6 years’ imprisonment for a charge of culpable homicide not amounting to murder.

Sunil’s passion is criminal law. He is currently the President of the Association of Criminal Lawyers of Singapore (“ACLS”). Sunil is actively involved in pro bono work and attends regularly at various legal clinics. He is also a volunteer lawyer with the Criminal Legal Aid Scheme (“CLAS”), a non-profit initiative by the Law Society of Singapore to provide legal assistance to needy defendants in criminal cases. For his efforts, Sunil was awarded one of the two Subordinate Courts’ Volunteer of the Year (Advocate and Solicitor category) awards in 2010. Currently, Sunil is one of 3 criminal lawyers assisting in the Enhanced Guidance for Plea Scheme in the State Courts ("EGPS"). Colleague and fellow criminal lawyer Diana Ngiam assists the EGPS together with Sunil.