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We started this firm to help our clients achieve their goals and objectives in the most efficient way possible, because we believe everyone deserves effective legal counsel and representation.

Present day legal matters are complex and may involve multi-national elements. Our focus is on offering practical and multi-disciplinary advice, and providing effective legal solutions. Whether a situation is commonplace or unique, we aim to find the right tools to get the job done, and done well.

As a boutique firm designed to cater to the needs of our clients, we see our role as your preferred partner in managing legal matters, thereby minimising disruption to your lives and enabling you to focus on realising your professional and personal goals.

At Quahe Woo & Palmer, we are at your service.


We opened our office in Hong Kong as a registered foreign law firm on 9 March 2016.

Hong Kong has long been recognised as one of the leading financial centers in Asia. Strategically located in a high-growth region, Hong Kong is well positioned and often plays a unique role as a gateway to Mainland China to capture the opportunities offered by its mega economy.

From our base in Singapore, we have been advising ASEAN clients on inbound investments into North Asia as well as North Asia clients on their outbound investments into ASEAN across a variety of industries and sectors.

By establishing a presence in Hong Kong, we are now literally in the "thick of the action" and will be well placed to service clients in the North Asia region, one of the largest and hottest markets in the world.

We will also be better-abled to leverage on our experience and deep client relationships in ASEAN (in particular Singapore and Indonesia) to assist businesses seeking joint venture partners and investors across Asia, from Mainland China all the way to Indonesia.

Quahe Woo & Palmer (Hong Kong)'s office is centrally located in the business district of Hong Kong at Room 2512 25th Floor of Tower One, Lippo Centre, No. 89 Queensway, Hong Kong.

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